Tutorial & Screen Shots on how to buy photos and other items from my web site.

Look on the right side of this screen capture. If you click "BUY button or Photos in this gallery" , you can start the process of purchasing a print, merchandise, card, or digital image. 

The drop down options can include all of the below items: 

- This Photo - if you only want to buy one photo at a time.

- Photos in this Gallery - use this if you want to select multiple photos from this gallery.

- Create a Card - this will allow you to use photos in a gallery to design numerous types of cards.

-Other products

After you click "BUY PHOTO" or "Photos from this gallery", a screen similar to the above will give you the option of selecting many more 'photo' products including Paper Prints.  Take the time to explore these options to find some unique products like coffee cups with images of your kids, mouse pads, etc.  You can also order fully framed prints of your selected photos. 

If you selected Paper Prints, here is where you can adjust the crop size.  You can drag the corners of the crop box to adjust the size. If the crop DOES NOT FIT, then select NONE and a white border will fill in the excess space as illustrated in the above screen capture.   If you need to change the CROP size, then click the "ADJUST" button.  You will need to change the size of the picture if you want a different size as well. 

Position your mouse over the border and drag it to compose the image within the crop border.  For more detailed HELP on how to properly adjust the crop size, click this link http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/articles/93268:.

There are so many different items under the MERCHANDISE TAB that I suggest that you just scroll down to see all of them. They can make great gifts and a great conversation piece. 

This is the digital DOWNLOAD TAB.  Depending upon the options for this gallery,  all sizes may not be available.  If you are going to post them on social media like Facebook, then the WEB size would be perfect.  If you are going to do a high quality print, then the largest size would be best OR just order the print from this web site.  By law, photographers own the copyrights of all photographs they take. 

If you "Buy A CARD". this is the beginning of the process to select the type of card and then desin the card itself. 
Click the mouse inside the "enter text" box and start typing the text you want printed on your custom cards.  Then, click the NEXT button below to go to the next page. 
You can even change the font and the size during the design process. 

Your shopping cart will show you the items you have selected along with the prices and quantities. 




This is the typical menu you will see during the check out process. Select the one you want to use, 




Next, fill out the Shipping Address information.




Then, complete the remaining information, click the REVIEW ORDER TAB and that should complete your purchase process.  Thanks for selecting your items and using TeeWayne Photography.